[Rumor] Destiny 2 Coming To PC; May Leave Old Characters Behind

Published: September 28, 2016 10:20 AM /


Destiny 2

Now that Rise of Iron is out it's time to look toward the future as to how Destiny 2 is shaping up. Kotaku recently reported on some new rumors surrounding the development and content of Destiny 2. Before we get into the rumors, while they do seem to be backed by multiple sources, we need to remember that Destiny 2 is in development and even if the rumors are true at the moment things could change by the time official announcements are made and the full release hits. In fact, even the name 'Destiny 2' is just a convenient placeholder at this point as we don't have an official title for the game.


The biggest of the new rumors is that Destiny 2 will be coming to PC in addition to Xbox One and PS4. A NeoGAF poster going by benny_a said that he knows someone who works at Activision who had told him that at an internal presentation today the employees were told that Destiny 2 will be coming to PC. benny_a also says that Activision's Vicarious Visions studio has been brought on to help with the development of the game, Jason Schreier revealed he had heard the same thing from a different source a few weeks ago, which gives this rumor more backing. Schreier also states that he's heard that the Bungie higher ups want Destiny 2 to be a full sequel rather than feeling like merely a large expansion for Destiny, "...even if that means leaving old planets, characters, and activities behind."

The decision to leave behind the player base's current Destiny characters could rub some the wrong way, but Bungie has rewarded players time that they've spent on the game in the past like with the Moments of Triumph. Players will more than likely receive some goodies for their time spent in the original Destiny, although Schreier notes "Last I heard, Bungie has not finalized these decisions."

In terms of actual changes to game content for Destiny 2, the sources say that "play-in destinations" will be the biggest revamp for the world of Destiny. These spaces will reportedly be a change to how planets work, instead of just a patrol area to fight enemies and find missions, they will be more populated with towns, outposts, and more interesting quests (like they started to implement in the Taken King expansion).

If these rumors all prove to be true, then Destiny 2 is looking to be just as ambitious as the original was. Hopefully, Destiny 2 will learn from the missteps of the original and improve on the things that people loved.

We have reached out to Activision for comment and will update if we learn more.

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