[Rumor] Destiny 2 Coming To Google Stadia With Cross-Save

Published: June 5, 2019 5:30 PM /


[Rumor] Destiny 2 Coming To Google Stadia With Cross-Save

According to a Kotaku report by Jason Schreier, Destiny 2 will soon land on Google Stadia, allowing you to transfer your progress from PC or Xbox to Google's servers for optimal progression. While for the moment players are not able to transfer their characters or progress from console to PC or vice versa without starting from scratch, that will soon change, as data-miners have discovered a picture with the Destiny logo under the words "Cross-Save," which is raising the hopes of fans who expect to be able to play on different platforms and transfer their progress back and forth.

As we reported on Monday, Google will have the first Stadia Connect conference tomorrow at 12 PM EST. If this rumor proves true, we will likely see some news about it, followed by a Bungie livestream at 1PM EST. Schreier relies on four undisclosed sources, people familiar with Bungie's plans, and two of those sources confirmed it will announce cross-save tomorrow during the Destiny 2 livestream. The same sources claim that plans to support cross-save on the PlayStation 4 are yet uncertain. There's been no comment from Sony on that regard until now, according to Schreier.

Some other sources confirm that Destiny 2 will be one of the big games available on Google Stadia right from the start of the platform launch. Another game expected to release along with Google Stadia is Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which given Ubisoft's partnership with Google since the very first prototypes of Stadia, is very likely. According to some sources, Stadia will be a combination of subscription and à la carte pricing models. It's possible you'll get access to some a library of older games for a subscription fee, while also being asked to pay full price for new releases.

Destiny 2's latest expansion Forsaken (Our Review) is also soon to be followed by a new expansion, which according to Kotaku, has been leaked as Shadowkeep. It's very likely we'll hear about both the cross-save feature and this new expansion tomorrow, so stay tuned to TechRaptor for our timely coverage.

Are you hyped for the cross-save feature? Will it help you play Destiny 2 on the go? Let us know in the comments below!


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