Rumor: Cancelled DOOM Reboot Revealed

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Rumor: Cancelled DOOM Reboot Revealed

May 19, 2015

By: Alex Santa Maria


The year was 2011. While the world at large was enjoying Portal 2 and Skyrim for the first time, the crew at iD Software were working hard on the next game to bear the name DOOM. Thankfully for everyone's sake and my own personal sanity, that game was eventually cancelled and completely retooled. As teased this week, DOOM will be making its public debut in a month at E3, but the game that bore the DOOM name in 2011 was seemingly very different. It was brown like only recent shooters are brown, it was a ragtag bunch of military types against the creatures of Hell, and it may have even featured the worst version of the DOOM theme known to man.

[video width="640" height="360" mp4=""][/video]

This "trailer" emerged early Tuesday morning over at the Doomworld forums after being cobbled together from the demo reel of a former Blur Studios employee. The music isn't confirmed to be direct from iD at this time, but it also doesn't seem like a composition that any fan of DOOM would create on purpose. The footage all seems to sync up with what was known about the game at the time, and several people on the forums confirmed that they saw images similar to these coming out of iD. It is highly likely that this was originally going to be DOOM 4.

For years, this is what many people feared when the topic of a new DOOM game was brought up. DOOM doesn't fit into the mold of modern military any more than it fit into the mold of horror and monster closets. DOOM is fast paced action shooting where the player's dread comes not from the type of monsters but the sheer number of them. If this truly is what was cancelled back in 2011, this fan has new hope for the game Bethesda and iD are showing off in June. It's time to go back to Hell.

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