[Rumor] Animal Crossing Switch Release Date Leaked For April

Published: February 3, 2019 2:17 PM /


Animal Crossing Switch

The next entry in the Animal Crossing games may be arriving sooner than we expected. According to a retailer in the United Kingdom, the Animal Crossing Switch release date is set for April 29 this year.

Just a few months away?

The rumor was first publicized by the website Gamebyte. According to them, the first hint of the game's release date came from a tweet by the user @lovehearts. She said the GameStop she went to gave her an estimate of April 29 for the new Animal Crossing:


Almost three weeks later, another Twitter user, this one named @quakescopeszz, reiterated the claim. They also added that there'll be a special edition later in the year and an announcement trailer around February:


When asked about how they would know this, @quakescopeszz said they were informed by a game store manager, who get info on games in advance of public announcements:


Gamebyte contacted the store for confirmation, and they said they were indeed taking pre-orders for the Switch Animal Crossing, releasing April 29.

Not counting spin-offs, such as the mobile camp-building game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, the last news we got of a new Animal Crossing game came last September, during the Nintendo Direct. After revealing Isabelle as a new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter, we got this announcement trailer:


Details such as this don't generally leak from retail stores, although it isn't precedented for announcements of titles to leak like Walmart Canada last year. That said, an April release date would be very unusual for this title given that we still don't even have a proper name for Anmial Crossing Switch.

So what are your thoughts on this rumor regarding the Animal Crossing Switch Release date? Do you think this is the actual release date? Are you going to be picking up the Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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