RPG Maker MV for the Switch Leaked by Amazon Mexico

Published: June 8, 2018 12:45 PM /


rpg maker mv artwork

It wouldn't be a day right before E3 if a leak didn't come up right?

This leak is for the Nintendo Switch and comes from a listing on the Mexican version of Amazon. The listing showcased RPG Maker MV, being published by NIS America.

RPG Maker MV is one of a steady stream of visual toolset which allows players to create their own video game. The toolsets have been used to make several small budget and indie games in the past. Players can use Javascript to create more complex games or use the sample assets to pen their own personal role-playing experience or even other genres (see titles like platformer Limbo, and puzzler Vidar for examples of this). Combine this with mouse and touch support and releases on several platforms, RPG Maker MV is one of the premier games available for budding programmers and game makers.

The listing, which has since been taken down by Amazon, was given a Google Translate into English by Nintendo Everything. It makes mention of several of the game's selling points, from using the software to develop your game along with the ability to brand, upload and play other created games online. You will be able to download and play other's titles even without having the RPG Maker MV software.

Interestingly enough the game comes with both English and Japanese voices and was given a release date, November 27th, 2018.

There is currently no confirmation from Nintendo or NIS regarding RPG Maker MV for the Switch, but the game will likely be part of Nintendo's own showcase during E3 this year.

Quick Take

Nowadays RPG Maker games are dime a dozen, but the appeal of this franchise for over 20 years has been the ability to make your own game. Putting it on the Switch is just another natural move to do, especially considering the software already has iOS and Android support. This is simply another natural fit for Nintendo.

What do you think though? Looking forward to RPG Maker MV on the Switch? Do you think Mexico was just feeling left out of the North American retailer leaks? Leave your comments below and be sure to check out the rest of our E3 2018 coverage here


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