RPG Brawler Will Fight For Food Launches on April 22

Published: April 13, 2015 9:28 PM /


Will Fight for Food

Will Fight For Food: Super Actual Sellout: Game Of The Hour, a brawler RPG hybrid from Pyrodactyl Games will be available on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux on April 22. Players take control of former luchador Jared Dent who has been summoned by the members of the his hometown to solve all of their little problems. There is no cookie cutter method when it comes to finding a solution to the issues around town, at least not in the mind of Dent.

No talking or player interaction is required in Will Fight For Food, as it can be played purely as brawler. Every NPC is available and practically waiting to brawl the second Dent throws on his luchador mask. The fighting mechanics are similar to NES classic Double Dragon 3, according to Pyrodactyl design lead Arvind Yadav. This classic style of playing is reminisce of nights at the arcade and will be easy for players of all skill levels to pick up and play. Even though you don't have to truly worry about all of the seemingly petty conversations buzzing around your town, Will Fight For Food's RPG elements are where it looks the most promising.

Jared Dent decided he didn't feel like talking it out

Will Fight For Food uses a three tier system for communication, where players select the body language, opinion and tone for each response in a conversation instead of getting offered a set of canned responses like a multiple choice test. This is a promising innovation that makes sense for the growth of the RPG genre, especially when real life conversations center around nonverbal communication. Similar to how you can players have the option to never speaking a word, you can also complete Will Fight For Food without ever throwing a punch.

If you're interested in seeing Will Fight For Food in action, here is a trailer:

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