Root Letter: Last Answer Coming West On Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4

Published: April 30, 2019 11:05 PM /


root letter-last answer

Developer Kadokawa Games and publisher PQube have announced that Root Letter: Last Answer will be coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 this year. The visual novel still doesn't have a set release date only that it will be releasing later in 2019, but it will be an enhanced version of the original that was released in June of 2016 in Japan. It should be noted that this is separate from the planned sequel Root Letter 2, that itself still doesn't have a release date either.

Root Letter: Last Answer will feature new epilogues, improvements to the gameplay, and a completely new live-action mode. The live-action mode will turn all the hand-drawn art from the original into reenacted live-action scenes. You will be able to turn on the live-action mode from the title screen at any point throughout the game or stick with the hand-drawn art from the original experience.…

Root Letter follows the story of a pen-pal losing touch after you've moved away, but a murder confession in her last letter to you leads you to try to track her down once again. You'll travel to Aya Fumino's hometown to discover what has become of her after all these years. Her friends seem to know something about what happened but aren't to keen on bringing up that past again, so it is up to you to dig into what happened and what became of Aya.

The game has also sparked two live-action adaptations that are currently in the works. The first will come from Chinese company Perfect World Pictures. The second adaptation is being worked on in association with Akatsuki Entertainment USA for a Hollywood feature film release. Both projects are in their very early stages, so there hasn't been much else revealed about the adaptations at this point, but if you are a fan of the game keep an eye out for more information going forward.

What do you think of the live-action mode being added to this enhanced version of the game? Do you think more visual novels could benefit from adding live-action modes to them if possible? Tell us in the comments below!


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