Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV English Version Released

Published: February 29, 2020 9:00 AM /


Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV Screenshot 1920x1080

Koei Tecmo America announced today from their Burlingame, California location the English language launch of long-running strategy series Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV previously had Japanese, Korean, and Chinese interface support, but English-speaking fans were out of luck until earlier this morning when the Steam page announce its English patch. An English demo released earlier this month, but was based off of an older, still in development version of the game.

Throughout the series, players seek to unify China both before and during the Three Kingdoms era, a turbulent time stretching from approximately 184 AD to 280 AD. Unlike Koei's Dynasty Warriors series, however, Romance of the Three Kingdoms focuses more on the strategy and management aspect rather than hack-and-slash action. The fourteenth installment currently features seven distinct scenarios and over 1,000 different officers. Players utilize a variety of diplomatic, administrative, and military strategies to conquer and unify ancient China. To celebrate the English release, the Battle of Yiling and The Start of Change DLCs are free on Steam for the next two weeks.

An English language demo is still available on Steam until March 12. Players spend one in-game year controlling Cao Cao, Sun Jian, or Liu Bei. The demo does feature an older build of the game, with Koei Tecmo noting that some bugs may appear that have since been patched out of the current release. Trial game data cannot be carried over to the full retail version, but purchasers via Steam over the next two weeks receive a 10% discount on the price. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV is also available on the Sony PlayStation 4, with it just releasing English support as well.

Are you excited to have the opportunity to test out your military strategies in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV? Let us know in the comments below.

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