Roguebook is the Latest Deckbuilding Roguelike and it Has Richard Garfield Backing it Up

Published: July 7, 2020 2:03 PM /


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During the Nacon Connect, we learned about an upcoming roguelike deckbuilder called Roguebook. The game, which is going to take place in the same universe as card strategy game Faeria, will have you take control of two heroes, made up of popular characters from Faeria, and explore a world that is randomly generated by the mysterious titular Roguebook. Since it's a roguelike, if you lose both of your heroes then you have to start over from the beginning of the game. The promise is that the game is procedurally generated every time you play, so you can't just memorize details to get better at it.

You'll explore the world on an overworld map, where you can get into fights and find treasures. This way you're not forced down a linear tree and have some choices on where you want to go at all times. Deck customization will be based on defeating enemies, so there's always a reward for taking the time to kill everyone. There will be multiple difficulty levels as well, and as you increase the difficulty you'll get access to more cards in your runs, helping give you that edge you may need for survival.

In addition to this, Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield will be serving as the game's co-designer. He claims he got involved because he really loved Faeria, to the point that he said he had to quit it because he was addicted to it. Garfield's big contribution is a system called the Fat Deck. The idea is that you won't be discarding any cards from your deck, but rather will keep every card you find in the game. In turn, cards kind of act like XP, and the more cards you have the more skills you can unlock on your character's skill tree.

There's no current release date or platforms for Roguebook, but we'll update this article as more is announced.

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