Rogue Lords Brings Gothic Roguelike Action This October

Published: June 13, 2020 3:28 PM /


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Rogue Lords is the latest game by Cyanide Studios, announced at this year's PC Gaming Showcase. It is a roguelike action game where you play as The Devil. You return ages after your past defeat by zealous Demon Hunters, but now you have strong undead allies with which to exact your revenge. Play run after run and collect ancient artifacts to regain your power and take back your rightful place.

You control several devious monsters such as Baron Samedi, the Headless Horseman, and Dracula as you wage bloody combat against slayers of the undead and crusading heroes. You can build their set of skills and create synergies to face any mortal who dares to stand in your way. Unlock new abilities, collect souls, make the right choices in events, and use your powers to slay the forces of good.

The unique selling point of the game is the fact that since you are playing the Lord of Lies, you are encouraged to not play fair. By consuming human souls in a pinch, you can manipulate the very user interface to give yourself an unfair advantage. Giving your minions more health or a faster cooldown for their abilities is just a few clicks away. On the opposite side of this is how Rogue Lords handles how you lose. If any of your minions drop into a vulnerable state, usually by having their health hit zero, the enemy can directly attack your health pool. If it is reduced to zero, your run comes to an end.

Rogue Lords is described as what happens when you mix Slay The Spire with the art style of Tim Burton, and considering how lanky, pale, and gnarled everything looks, it is an apt comparison. The trailer also depicts a similar structure where you travel from location to location, handle random encounters, and determine how exactly you will spread your evil influence.

Rogue Lords is scheduled to release this October.

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