Rogue Legacy 2 Update Buffs Ranged Characters, Rebalances Biomes

This Rogue Legacy 2 update offers advice on crash fixes and delivers quality-of-life improvements for controller players along with several other fixes and changes.

Published: May 18, 2022 3:37 PM /


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The latest Rogue Legacy 2 update has arrived, bringing balance changes to some of the more difficult biomes and buffing ranged characters such as the Gunslinger and Mage.

Rogue Legacy 2 has been focusing on adding new content and polishing the rough edges such as with last year's Arcane Hollows update and Drifting Worlds update. Another round of changes, fixes, and improvements is here, taking one more step toward the goal of a "fully realized" Metroidvania.

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What's New in Rogue Legacy Update v1.0.2?

Rogue Legacy Update v1.0.2 does a little bit of everything including class changes, bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and more.

Let's start with the class changes. Cellar Door Games believes that the Mage had a "misleadingly steep" learning curve and far too much DPS output, so it's been reworked slightly to make it more flexible. In a similar vein, the Gunslinger has gotten a redesign on its Makeshift Explosive ability, adding a second explosion that was previously being caused due to a bug.

Some of the later game biomes have gotten a rework, too --areas such as The Sun Tower and The Pishon Dry Lake should be a little more forgiving for adventurers exploring these areas the first time, although the devs are cautious about making things too easy.

The final major highlight is dozens of bug fixes; unfortunately, it seems like there are still some problems and crashes that Cellar Door Games hasn't quite been able to pin down according to the full Rogue Legacy Update v1.0.2 patch notes. Three solutions have been proposed:

  • Update your Xbox Series controller drivers (if you're using one).
  • Disable any overclocking in your GPU.
  • Try out the OpenGL mode by adding "-force-glcore32" to the game's Launch Options (found in the game's Properties on Steam and in the Account Settings on the Epic Games Store).

There's still quite a lot to do in terms of balance, but it looks like the devs are on the right track with this latest update. You can enjoy all of the roguelite fun by buying Rogue Legacy 2 for PC and Xbox at the price of $24.99 or your regional equivalent.

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