Rogue Company, a New IP From Hi-Rez Studios, Coming to the Switch

Published: September 4, 2019 8:13 PM /


rogue storm hi rez

A brand new IP from Hi-Rez studios was shown off in the latest Nintendo Direct, the action-packed Rogue Company.

This new IP is a tactical game where players will play as a member of a mercenary squad, the Rogue Company, as they tackle objectives against an enemy organization only known as Jackal. The big hook of the title is online multiplayer play, so teams of five can join up together to take on missions as a unit. Players can also take on other teams, leading to a 5-v-5 online experience.


Rogue Company seems to invoke real-time tactical-style mechanics with a mix of online co-op play, with different characters using different strategies and abilities in tandem with each other to complete their goals. Online modes will include a variety of objective-based tasks for teams to finish.

All of the mercenaries you play as have a variety of skills and loadouts available to them, allowing players to deck their character out with not only their own assortment of guns, melee weapons and even gadgets. Each character has their own strengths and preferences, so like other hero-style shooters, some abilities or gear may work best on a specific character.  Each of the characters, however, is fully customizable visually, allowing players to let them look how they want in-game. Hi-Rez is planning to release more maps, weapons, skins, and more for the game as well as have multiple in-game events for players online.

Rogue Company is currently slated for a Spring 2020 release. It is currently unknown if it will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

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