Dark Fantasy ARPG The Unliving Announced by Team 17

Published: May 29, 2020 9:21 AM /


The Unliving

Team 17 has announced their partnership with Rocketbrush Studio over their first title, The Unliving, which is described as a "dark fantasy action role-playing game."

Utilizing both the real-time strategy and the roguelite genres, players use necromancy to command an ever-growing army of the undead, killing as many humans as possible and using their bodies to grow their ranks. When the player inevitably loses, they must learn how and why they died and use those lessons as part of their strategy in order to survive. 

“Bringing The Unliving to our ever-expanding and creative stable of games at Team17 underlines our commitment to support great games and help studios realise their ambitions," said Max Everingham, Head of Publishing at Team 17. "RocketBrush Studio already has a track record in delivering distinctive in-game art assets for developers, and now it’s their turn to create a game themselves. The Unliving’s combination of real-time strategy, roguelite, and RPG gameplay promises a brand-new experience for players looking to test their skills.”

For every foe that falls in battle, each may provide their own unique abilities. The Priest, for instance, allows players to curse their enemies. While doing so, the player will research how and why they are immortal, the secret truth behind the church, and the mystery surrounding their companion. There are also bosses that the players will have to defeat with their own fighting style and abilities, meaning that the player will have to approach each encounter carefully.

“The Unliving is the first title RocketBrush Studio has developed in its entirety as a team, and we’re thrilled to have Team17 on board to help us realise the vision we have for this ambitious undead title," said Aleks Rublev, Founder of RocketBrush Studio. "We can’t wait for players to be able to experience commanding an increasingly powerful army of the dead to crush their enemies on the scale we’ve created in game.”

The Unliving will be available on Steam in 2021, so be sure to wishlist it if you're interested in this title.

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