Rocket League to Receive Cross-Platform Play, Leveling Updates, And More

Published: May 13, 2018 6:46 PM /


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Everyone's favorite advanced sports soccer game, Rocket League, is going to get some significant changes over the summer, including quite a few new and interesting features. While the full list of proposed changes is somewhat lengthy, the cumulative effects of the upcoming summer updates will more or less add some new in-game music, a bunch of new cosmetic items, completely overhaul the leveling and XP system, and give you a chance to party up and play with people across multiple platforms.

By the end of May, Rocket League will receive a new Arena and some new music via the release of "Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 3" to commemorate the start of Competitive Season 8. In June, you can expect a new summer-themed game event and some new "Licensed Premium DLC."

On Rocket League's anniversary in July, there are going to be a rather ambitious set of updates that will undoubtedly attract quite a bit of attention. While the anniversary itself is going to be fairly standard, consisting of an event that features a bunch of in-game rewards, by late Summer, you will be able to play Rocket League with friends regardless of what platform you're playing on. To do this, you will have to register an in-game ID and use this new ID to add people to your and be added to other Rocket League player's list of friends.

In addition, the current level cap and leveling system will be removed. In its place will be a more traditional leveling system where you have to get a fixed amount of XP to level up, which will then reward you with an Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, or Import item. Leveling up beyond level 100 will also grant you unique new Titles and Banners. Your current level will automatically be converted to whatever your new level will be in the new system. The new leveling system will also award XP based on a combination of the match time and the score, bonuses for completing matches and staying in consecutive Casual matches, a party bonus, Double XP weekends, and (perhaps most importantly) a penalty for quitters.

Like most other modern multiplayer games, you can also expect to see a new "Rocket Pass" system implemented into Rocket League. The Rocket Pass will function as a means for people to spend money on the game to get cosmetic items, but with a more subscription-based model. As you level up in the new XP system, you will reach different Tiers in the Rocket Pass. Each tier will grant new and unique content, though some of it will be locked behind a flat cost. The Pass will refresh on a monthly basis, which means that eventually, even the most frugal of players will find themselves in possession of a rather diverse collection of rewards, or at least in theory.

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