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Rocket League Season 1 Ending Soon

January 18, 2016

By: Chris Anderson

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The first season for the RC-soccer game Rocket League will officially come to an end with the upcoming February update. Players who participated in ranked games will be getting some swanky rewards to commemorate their achievements, provided they managed to reach the Bronze division during the season.


A blog post on the Rocket League community on Steam details the rewards players will be able to get. Players who reached the bronze, silver, gold or platinum divisions will be awarded with a special limited edition crown that corresponds to the highest rank you managed to achieve. See the picture above to get an idea of what the crowns look like!

The February patch will also add item qualities. Items in the game will get a quality tag and a color depending on how rare the item in question is. Common items will have the familiar gray colors used for common gear in RPG's, items bought via paid DLC will have a green color and items that can only be acquired during special events (like the recent winter update that added hockey to the game for a limited time) will have an orange color. 


Rocket League Uncommon Items

The update will also introduce uncommon quality items, which will have a light blue color and can be randomly acquired by playing matches against other players. These uncommon items won't have a fixed drop rate. Instead, the chance of you getting an uncommon item increases the longer you play the game. After winning an uncommon item the timer resets and you can try to play for another one. 


Rocket League was one of 2015's biggest surprises, managing to garner a large fanbase in relatively little time. The game even managed to shove itself into the professional esports scene weeks after the game got released. We at Techraptor loved it as well. The game was our Indie Pick of the Year and was in a tie for 4th place in our Pick of the Year awards.