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Rocket League Patch Adds New Arena, "Spectate" Mode, and More

August 12, 2015

By: Andrew Otton


Patch 1.04 for Rocket League released today and with it came quite a few changes. While nothing in this patch changes the gameplay, some UI, convenience, and other changes should find most fans interested.


First, Patch 1.04 sets up all of the new cosmetic items that will be available in the Supesonic Fury DLC that is due August 13th. It will cost $3.99 and include:

  • Two new car bodies, Dominus (American muscle car) and Takumi (Japanese street car)
  • Six Decals for each new vehicle
  • Five new paint types: Brushed Metal, Carbon Fiber, Metallic Pearl, Pearlescent, and Wood
  • Two new wheels: Cristiano and Spinner
  • Two new rocket boosts: Burnout and Nitrous

utopia coliseum rocket league


Again, those will cost $3.99 and aren't yet part of Rocket League. A new arena has been added that is now part of Rocket League however, called Utopia Coliseum. Patch 1.04 will also include more than 70 new country flags and three "Sorry" items for the overloaded launch servers: "Servergate" wheels, "Disconnected" antenna, and "White Flag."

You can now Spectate private matches. When creating and joining a private match, a new option to spectate will be available when you are on the "Choose Team" menu. Right now, this can only be done up to 3v3 type matches. In addition, when creating private matches you now have the ability to name and/or password protect them.


A few changes to ranked have been added as well. First, 3v3 Solo has been removed and replaced by 3v3 Team Ranked, meaning you can queue as your team now but no longer alone. Also, ranked now has a "Vote to Forfeit" button. Additionally, Ranked matches will not start if the game is not full now either.

Check out the full patch notes linked at the beginning for more details, including the few bug and UI fixes.

What do you think of Rocket League's approach to free and DLC content? What do you think of Rocket League so far?

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