Rocket League Friends Update Releases February 23

February 12, 2019 7:02 PM

By: Patrick Perrault


Today, Psyonix announced that the Rocket League friends update, which makes friends lists and parties cross-platform, will be available on February 23.




As stated per Psyonix's roadmap, February 23 sees the launch of Friends List, a cross-platform party system that will unify the social aspects of Rocket League.

Basically, this means that there will be a cross-platform Friends List, which (among other things) will allow players to meet up with the last 25 players that they played with or against. If you are on an Xbox One and you have a friend on the PC and want to party-up in game, now you can do that. The update also includes Competitive Season 9 Rewards and the beginning of Competitive Season 10, extra modes for players in Free Play, a Weekly Win Display (in case you aren't already depressed about your win ratio), and additional bug fixes and improvements.



To go into more detail, the Friends List is separated into four tabs: Friends, RocketID, Recent Players, and Alerts. The first two are simple, with the first showing your friends on your current platform, with your RocketID showing your friends on other platforms. Recent Players has already been explained as showing the most recent 25 players, and the Alerts tab will "house all of your player interactions like Friend Requests, Party Invites, and Club Invites." Seems pretty self-explanatory overall.



Quick Take:

Rocket League is a game that I've been playing in one form or another for over a decade since I began playing Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. It is a proven formula that I've always enjoyed coming back to over the years, and there aren't many games that I have found to be that addictive, save three: Mount and Blade: Warband, World of Warcraft, and Warcraft IIIBasically, what I'm saying is that making the game more accessible and more easily marketable is a truly excellent thing and that I'm greatly looking forward to making some new friends on Rocket League. Cheers, Psyonix.

What do you think of the Rocket League Friends update? Are you a fan of Rocket League cross-play? Let us know in the comments below!

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Author: Patrick Perrault | Staff Writer
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