Robotality Introduces Dog Friendly Mode For Pathway

Published: April 14, 2019 8:27 PM /


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One thing that irked me about Pathway was the dogs. It's not the dogs themselves that are the problem, but the requirement to kill them made me die a bit inside. Fret not, if this was holding you back from enjoying the game, you can now play relatively guilt-free.

Robotality's solution to this matter is to introduce a "dog friendly" mode in Pathway. As of right now, players can activate the Pathway dog friendly mode in the options menu.

According to the blog post, "At the moment this simply disables the dog hit/die sfx." Future additions to this mode will outright disable blood and the dog's death animation.

There seems to be an increasing trend towards dog-friendliness. Wargroove, another Chucklefish title, shows dogs running away after losing a round of combat.

Twitter account @CanYouPetTheDog is around to let everyone know what dogs you can and cannot pet in video games. This allowed for the dog in Enter the Gungeon to be pettable after popular demand. Perhaps soon, we'll be able to do the same in Pathway. 

In other Pathway news, the team at Robotality is dedicated to fixing bugs and addressing "some of the more fundamental concerns" the community has voiced. This includes tweaks to procedural generation and repetition. Another adjustment will be made to the AI, which is one of the main concerns I voiced in my review.

Other additions include more content, per the post:

Long term we are committed to more content. We have so many ideas on how to expand on Pathway. Northern Africa was a pretty obvious choice for our initial adventures, but there are many more exciting places we want to send our adventurers to.
If you decide to pick up Pathway, you can at least be sure that man's best friend isn't going to suffer.

Are you a fan of the Pathway dog friendly mode? Should more games do this? Let us know in the comments below!

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