Roblox Now Has Over 48m Daily Players

Published: September 15, 2021 10:14 AM /



Roblox Corporation is doing pretty good for itself these days, with its August 2021 Key Metrics report showing exactly how well it's been doing. Daily Active Users (DAU), Hours engaged, Bookings, and Revenue were all up year over year, with only Average Bookings per DAU down, and even then the difference was negligible. 

This may come as a surprise to some because Roblox is a game that anyone over the age of 20 will likely not play-but it's a game that is incredibly popular. Back in 2019, there were over 90 million players per month, and one can only think it has hit the 100 million mark since then. You can see that explosive growth in the valuation of Roblox Corporation, as it is valued (as of January 2021) at $30 billion, which definitely isn't chump change.


What's in the Roblox Corporation August 2021 Key Metrics report?

To start, the DAU is 48.2 million, which is up 32% from August last year and up 4% from 46.6 DAUs in July 2021. The hours engaged by these users is 4.0 billion, which is up 32% year over year and up 5% from 3.8 hours in July 2021. Bookings are estimated between $219 and $222 million, which is up 29% - 31% year over year. Average Books per DAU are actually down slightly, and are estimated between $4.54 and $4.60. 

Last but not least is Revenue, which is estimated to be between $167 million and $170 million, which is up 98% and 102% year over year. That's a lot of dosh, from a lot of people who are getting on the game each day.

Are you interested in checking out Roblox but in a game you might actually want to play? Maybe check out Roblox Monopoly, eh? Just kidding.

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