Roblox and Apex Legends Servers Are Having Problems

Published: August 18, 2021 2:16 PM /


Roblox and Apex Legends Servers EA Servers Spotify cover

Roblox servers, Apex Legends servers, and other EA Games servers are having problems, putting a serious damper on people's entertainment due to an unknown issue that is also affecting Spotify.

Earlier today, The official Knockout City Twitter account reported that there were "massive outages" that were affecting players of the team-based multiplayer dodgeball game. Unfortunately, that same tweet also pointed out that the issue with Knockout City servers is but one part of a larger problem that's affecting quite a few web services.


Roblox and Apex Legends Servers EA Servers Spotify slice

Apex Legends Servers and Roblox Servers Are Down for Some

Apex Legends servers and Roblox servers are rather unstable at the moment — and they're not the only games and services that are affected by this unknown issue.

Let's start with Apex Legends — The Apex Legends Status website shows a spike in user-reported problems in the last hour that (thankfully) seems to be slowing down. However, the status network that tracks the game is, rather ironically, having its own problems at the time of writing.


Moving on to Roblox, Downdetector's page for the game shows a similar spike in user-reported server issues. These problems also extend to Spotify, although Spotify's issues seem to have been tackled much more quickly based on the graph's timeline.

Critically, Apex Legends servers aren't the only Electronic Arts game having problems — EA services in general appear to be suffering from some issues, too, according to Downdetector. Fortunately, no users appear to be reporting problems with FIFA 21 or other EA Sports titles just yet.

It looks like the problem is easing up a bit, but we're not quite in the clear just yet. Now might be a good time to hop into one of the many single-player games you probably have in your backlog.


Have you had any problems with playing online games today? Which game tends to have the worst problems with keeping its servers up? Let us know in the comments below!

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