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Published: December 17, 2019 11:05 AM /


risk of rain 2 hidden realms

Hopoo Games released the third major update for Risk of Rain 2 today, bringing a long-awaited character, bosses, items and more. The Hidden Realms update marks the return of Acrid, a hybrid melee-range character who specializes in poisoning his enemies and dealing damage over time. He is the ninth character added to Risk of Rain 2. Unlike his appearance in the first Risk of Rain, you won't have to fight Acrid in-game in order to gain access to his abilities. Instead, you'll have access to the toxic assassin immediately. The Hidden Realms update is live now, and free for all players on Steam. Hidden Realms will also presumably make its way to console soon, though no date was listed as of writing.

Acrid's abilities are similar to his earlier iteration, albeit with some changes suited for the 3D gameplay of Risk of Rain 2:

  • Passive: Poison - Certain attacks apply poison, dealing damage over time but cannot kill
  • Primary Fire: Vicious Wounds - Maul an enemy, where every third hit deals double damage
  • Secondary Fire: Neurotoxin - Spit toxic bile at range, damaging and poisoning enemies
  • Utility: Caustic Leap - Leap into the air, dealing damage, stunning and poisoning enemies on impact. Leaves a pool of acid that does damage
  • Special: Epidemic - Releases a deadly poison that deals damage and poisons enemies. The disease continually spreads to up to 20 targets

Risk of Rain 2 is also getting a pair of bosses, one of which is a secret boss, and a new monster. There are also two new hidden realms, as well as alternate layouts for both Titanic Plains and Distant Roost. There also new chests, seven new items, and a new equipment piece, in addition to the regular bugfixes.

The Hidden Realms update lines up with the Risk of Rain 2 roadmap, originally released back in March of this year. Though the third major update may have just snuck into the planned "Fall" release window, it still checks off all the listed boxes. Hopoo Games has made good on all of their existing promises, bringing us the Scorched Acres update back in June and the Skills 2.0 update in September. Looking ahead, we're set to get a rework of artifacts as well as a new stage and boss before the 1.0 update comes next year.

The critically-acclaimed roguelike was a smash hit for the small team at Hopoo. Risk of Rain 2 sold one million copies on PC in roughly a month after release, it took nearly six years for the predecessor to sell three million copies. Set in the far-flung reaches of space, you play as one of a series of survivors, killing aliens with your abilities and weapons found in the environment. The gameplay translated well, and the approachable nature of its runs gave it longevity. With the Hidden Realms update, there's now one more reason to check out Risk of Rain 2.

What are you most excited for in the Hidden Realms update? Anything you'd like to see come to Risk of Rain 2 in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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