Riot Will Now Record Valorant Voice Chat

Riot Games has announced that Valorant voice chat will be recorded and reviewed whenever anyone files an in-game report against you.

Published: April 30, 2021 1:55 PM /


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Riot Games has announced that Valorant voice chat will now be recorded, and it will be reviewed in certain situations — specifically, when someone files an in-game report against you.

Valorant is Riot's flagship first-person shooter that can best be described as "CS:GO with superpowers." The core gameplay shares a lot of aspects with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but players have the option to pick unique characters with powerful abilities that make it feel like a very different game.

As one might expect, an intense shooter like this is going to get some people tilted and that might result in some rather unpleasant words said over voice comms. As a consequence of this kind of behavior, Riot Games has announced that it will be recording everything you say in Valorant voice chat starting next month — although it won't actually listen to any of the recordings unless it has to.

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How and Why Valorant Voice Chat is Being Recorded

Thankfully, Riot won't be listening in on your Valorant voice chat all of the time; Riot Games says that it will only listen in to what you say when someone files an in-game report against you.

"We won’t actively monitor your live game comms," read a news post announcing a change to the Terms of Service. "We’ll only potentially listen to and review voice logs when disruptive voice behavior is reported."

It should be noted, however, that the system will be constantly recording what you say in voice chat regardless of whether or not you've been reported. These recordings will be stored for a short time, but Riot won't actually listen to anything unless someone reports you.

As you might expect, some people might be uncomfortable with the idea of a company listening in on what they say during a game. Unfortunately, your only option for avoiding these changes is to not participate in voice chat at all.

"If you prefer to not have your voice chat captured, you may turn off voice chat," the news post continued. "Participating in voice on our platform means your voice logs are subject to recording and potential processing."

Of course, you could always just avoid playing Valorant altogether if these changes really concerned you. That said, you probably don't have anything to worry about if you're not being a butt on voice comms. The players who are, however, will soon be much more likely to get their comeuppance for saying some nasty words on voice chat.

These changes have not yet taken effect, mind; the new Terms of Service will be taking effect next month. If you haven't yet jumped into Riot's popular first-person shooter, you can play Valorant for free on PC right now.

What do you think of Valorant voice chat being recorded when reported by another player? Do you have any concerns about data privacy with such a system? Let us know in the comments below!

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