Ring of Pain is a Dungeon Crawling Roguelike Card Game

The three hottest genres come together in one game

Published: June 14, 2020 1:46 PM /


ring of pain

During day 2 of the Guerrilla Collective, a trailer for Ring of Pain was shown off. Ring of Pain describes itself as a roguelike, card game, dungeon crawler.

If there's two genres that are lacking in content, it's the roguelike card game variety. Since Slay The Spire, we've seen a lot. Ring of Pain is a new take on that mashup, where the levels are created by a random deck of cards.

Those random cards from that deck will form a ring, allowing you to see all the cards you'll have to deal with in that level. So, you will be able to strategize exactly what you need to do going forward. Moving forward is done through the cards, as well. There's no dungeon to explore, but there are plenty of rings of pain to make your way through.

As you make your way through a run, you'll have plenty of items to collect that will change the way you play every time. Each will have its own effects and benefits, so you'll be molding the way you play depending on what you come across. You won't just get to have an unlimited amount of those items, however. Part of Ring of Pain's strategy will be in managing your inventory. You'll only have a limited set of item slots and types to choose from, so choosing what you get could have big ramifications.

Ring of Pain will have an overarching story to uncover as well. The more runs you make and the further you get, the more you'll learn about the dark place you find yourself in and your guide, a creature who calls itself Owl.

Ring of Pain is looking to release this year and is being developed by Simon Boxer and Twice Different.

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