Rimworld's 1.0 Patch Is Ready For Takeoff On October 17

Published: October 9, 2018 12:27 PM /


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After five years in early access, survival space-colony management game Rimworld has gotten its much-deserved release date. On October 17, the 1.0 patch will proclaim Rimworld complete. The game has you manage three colonists (to start with) who crash land on a procedurally generated alien planet. The long development time has resulted in a veritable gamut of features and detail added to the game, making the possibilities practically endless.

The Beta 19 patch, Rimworld's previous update, added another series of features, a lot of which revolved around water. You can't quite become a seafaring pirate, but that's okay because this game is about settling in and surviving. Beta 19 let you build bridges and watermills, and lay cables through rivers. These were just a fraction of the additions: you can also build a tornado generator, in case you're feeling a little light on those.

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Where do you want to go?

Patch 1.0 focuses more on polish and bug fixes, although it also adds a new food restriction system that lets you choose what your colonists are allowed to eat. No more steak for Hungry Hank.

At the start of the year, developer Tynan Sylvester said that five years of development time for Rimworld was where he drew the line. He's gone a little over that, and may even continue adding to it in the future, but nothing is set in stone. In his own words, from his website:

"As for the future, I plan to continue updating the fan-made translations and creative content. There will also likely be a bug-fixing patch. Beyond that, though I won’t promise anything and nothing’s decided, I can think of a variety of interesting directions to go with the game. For today, though, I’m just celebrating. Thanks again everyone."
Sylvester also gave instructions on how to update to the 1.0 version if you're playing a modded game. If you don't have mods, you can update without issues.

You can pick up Rimworld on PC through Steam, Humble Bundle or the developer's website for $29.99/£23.79/€ 27.99.

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