RimWorld Update Brings Big Biosculpter Changes And More

A new RimWorld update has been released, and it's cutting back on micromanagement

Published: October 25, 2021 10:33 AM /


A colony bustling away in RimWorld

A new RimWorld update has arrived, and there are some pretty big changes coming to the colony sim. Ludeon has reworked biosculpters to take out some of the micromanagement, and you'll also notice changes to caravan formation, the archonexus restart sequence, and more.

How have biosculpters changed in the new RimWorld update?

This new update is part of the 1.3 cycle, which started back in July. First and foremost, there are some big overhauls to the biosculpter system in RimWorld update 1.3.3159 (catchy name, right?). Colonists can now tend to age reversal by themselves, so you don't need to do it for them. If you want to initiate a biosculpting cycle, it'll only take one step instead of three now, and Ludeon says you should also have less incentive to "do weird things" like taking apart biosculpters and reconstructing them. All in all, the biosculpter changes should reduce micromanagement, leaving you to get on with managing the other parts of your colony that are on fire.

A brutal battle scene in RimWorld
The new RimWorld update understands that if a war is going on, biosculpter micromanagement is the least of your worries.

There are plenty of other changes to the biosculpter system in the new RimWorld update. Power consumption has been reduced, and if a pod is biotuned, it'll run cycles at a 25% faster rate. Cycles now take 5 nutrition to complete, and you'll need to load in the resource prior to beginning the cycle. Perhaps the most intriguing change, though, is that biosculpters will now no longer heal missing eyes "if the pawn's ideoligion approves of blindness". Thanks to the August ideoligion update, changing your faith to one with this tenet should be easy, too, so if your colonists need to scratch out their eyes to see their god, you're covered.

What else is new in this RimWorld update?

You'll also notice big caravan changes in the latest update. Packing spots are now "hitching spots", and you can do more with them. You can use them to keep animals from moving in temporary maps, for example, or see when a hungry animal has been tied to a hitching post. Plenty of changes to the caravan system itself have been implemented, too, like a pawn's joy decreasing more slowly when they're preparing a caravan, or more food sources being available to colonists at caravan spots.

A star-shaped colony in RimWorld
RimWorld colonies should be a little easier to oversee thanks to the new update.

Ludeon has also made some changes to the archonexus system. Archonexus settlement dialogues now include animal pregnancy, gender, and bonded information, and the number of items you can bring to an archonexus settlement has increased. Starting a new archonexus colony resets your pawns' rest and food levels, and there's a new animation to commemorate the selection of an archonexus settlement "to make the moment feel more significant".

You'll find plenty of other changes to RimWorld in this latest update, so make sure you check out the full patch notes to see everything that's new. You can grab RimWorld right now on PC via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store. It's a sci-fi colony sim with a strong emphasis on survival, so if you love emergent storytelling, deep management gameplay, and watching colonists die in their hundreds, you should definitely check this one out. There's even a Mass Effect mod for it if you're looking for a more BioWare-flavored take on the formula.

What's your favorite change in the new RimWorld update? Let us know in the comments below!

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