RimWorld May 2020 Patch Released, Adds Psychic Meditation

Published: May 28, 2020 9:54 AM /



RimWorld's May 2020 update has been released, adding new psychic meditation, new psycasts, and a lot more to dig into. The update shouldn't affect mods or savegames, so players can rest easy at the moment. However, if players are having trouble they can bring the version back to the previous patch if they go to their Steam beta branch and set the version to "version-1.1.2624" to keep playing.

The theme of this latest update is to open up the game world for players so that they can take whichever playstyle they want. If they want to be tribal, outlander, pro or anti-Empire, Neutral Empire, or whatever comes to mind, they can. 

So, if players want to use Psyfocus and meditation, they can. Each builds upon the other: to use Psyfocus, you must meditate your psycasters. Players will find meditation spots on the ground and assign them to colonists, or you can just get them meditate anywhere, albeit less effectively. 

To gain a psylink, players now have to use an object called a psylink neuroformer, which upgrades a property in the brain called psylink. A psylink is an organic property of the brain that can be built in other ways as well, such as utilizing anima tree linking.

Other changes include quests, which will now offer three separate rewards for players to choose from. They are always distinct from one another, and they will be displayed in a "pictorial layout" rather than text, which is aimed to increase readability. 

If you want to read the lengthly patch notes for this latest RimWorld patch, be sure to click here.

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