RimWorld: Royalty Releases Alongside Free Update

Published: February 24, 2020 9:00 AM /


A fancy throne room, courtesy of Rimworld Royalty

The first major update for RimWorld has just released from Steam's unstable beta branch for public use. Even more interesting is that this coincides with the release of RimWorld: Royalty, the game's first expansion pack.

As we mentioned previously, the new update brings a variety of new features to the game. Characters have more sexuality traits as well as those traits being more visible. A variety of real-world animals have joined the game courtesy of an integrated mod. Injured characters can now get wooden prosthetics. However, RimWorld 1.1's release is being eclipsed by another big release for the game.

A royal bounty of features

RimWorld: Royalty is the first major expansion for the sci-fi colony management game. This expansion adds the Empire to the game world, a civilization that combines highly-advanced technology with the ancient traditions of kings and queens. The big additions in this expansion pack include:

  • Royal titles: By aiding the Empire, your colonists may be given royal titles that give a variety of royal benefits, such as the ability to call upon the Empire's elite troops for aid. However, getting a title makes your colonists, well, entitled. You'll see royal colonists make wild demands for luxurious bedrooms and clothes while they issue decrees that must be fulfilled. If it gets too much, I'm sure some players are willing to cause an unfortunate accident.
  • Psychic powers: Those with royal titles are given the right to use imperial psychic amplifiers that give a variety of powerful abilities. Just some of the powers psycasters can use include making allies invisible for stealth attacks, blinding or mind-controlling foes, and teleportation. Even if you don't wish to serve the Empire, there are ways to get your hands on psychic amplifiers.
  • More quests: Quests were a thing in the original RimWorld, but Royalty comes with a wide variety of new procedurally-generated quests. Players may have to watch over a group of guests, build something special, or explore new sites that present new opportunities and mysteries. Completing these quests provide a variety of new gear, goodwill towards the Empire, and a new way to escape the rimworld.
  • Mech clusters: Mechanoids can now have their own bases, complete with a variety of buildings that each serve their own purpose. These mech clusters put players on the offensive and present tactical puzzles as to how to best destroy their foes' defenses.
  • Imperial technology: The Empire has a wide variety of technology that mixes ancient weapons with hyperadvanced technology. Give your colonists new implants such as drill arms, skin-hardening glands, or nuclear stomachs. Charge into battle with plasma swords, electrical zeushammers, or hypersharp monoswords. Some weapons even have the ability to speak with their weilder thorugh a psychic link. While extremely effective in combat, using one is a lifelong committment.
  • New music: Alistair Lindsay, who did the soundtrack for the base game, returns to bring a new set of songs for Royalty.

RimWorld: Royalty is available now on Steam for $19.99. Keep in mind that the expansion is English only since RimWorld translaitons are fan-made.

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