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Wargaming's massively popular game World of Tanks was filling a niche market when it was released publicly back in 2011, but since then, the free-to-play tank warfare game has become one of the most popular MMOs in the world. As of the 8th of this month, players who log in to World of Tanks will receive a daily reward of 50,000 in-game credits. That's no paltry sum, and the freebies just continue to stack from there. As players log in for consecutive days, their bonuses grow incrementally. What starts as credits will soon develop into consumables and gear for tanks before eventually snagging devoted tankers premium tanks normally only obtainable by breaking out the credit card.

The reward tanks in question are the American T7-Combat Car and Russian SU-100Y Tank Destroyer, earned for logging in over 30 and 60 days in a row respectively. The T7-Combat Car was previously only available to players who logged in after Wargaming's 2013 Golden Joystick Award win, and as such has only ever been available twice in the history of the game. The SU-100Y, on the other hand, is normally an investment for $17 in the game's online store.

Premium tanks like the two available as rewards in the ongoing event come with some premium features to go with their name, as well. For one, premium tanks earn more money per-match than standard tanks, reducing the time it takes to build up enough funds to purchase in-game items or new tanks. Furthermore, premium tanks come fully upgraded: they can't unlock other tanks and have no upgrades to unlock. While this means that there's not much progression with premium tanks, it also means that they can be used to train crews faster than regular tanks, sending experience to the tankers instead of new parts for the tank. What's more, crews from tanks in the same family as premium tanks will still earn experience for the tank they're trained for while manning a premium tank.

Despite the bonuses to income and experience, each premium tank is unique in the same way that all of the other tanks in the game are, meaning that on the battlefield, players who shell out real money for tanks won't be driving vastly superior machinery earned with a wallet instead of experience.

The event is currently underway and continues until May 8th.

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