Retro Handheld Evercade EXP Launches Winter 2022

Published: May 31, 2022 1:55 PM /


Evercade EXP Announced cover

Evercade has announced the Evercade EXP, a brand-new retro handheld arriving in Winter 2022 that will be compatible with the company's line of more than 30 game cartridge collections.

Retro gaming is a growing market, and more and more companies are hopping on the bandwagon. Evercade is one of the newer companies that has entered this market; it has a steadily-growing collection of cartridges, each of which features numerous retro games centered on a particular theme. The company announced the Evercade VS home console last year -- and now, it's announced a brand-new handheld to complement it.


The Evercade EXP is a High-Tech Throwback Handheld

As highlighted on ResetEra, the Evercade EXP was recently announced as the next generation of handheld retro gaming from Evercade. It also manages to be a pretty solid improvement over the existing Evercade Handheld which has been discontinued.

Both handhelds from the company have a 4.3" screen, 3.5mm headphone jack, and a cartridge slot for Evercade cartridges (natch). The Evercade EXP, however, makes some improvements -- it has USB-C charging and mini HDMI output instead of the micro USB and micro HDMI output of its predecessor. Also arriving in the new version of this handheld is TATE Mode (which allows for vertical screen orientation) and built-in WiFi to easily allow for software updates.

Existing Evercade customers won't have to go out and buy new games, either -- the Evercade EXP works with the company's library of more than 30 cartridge collections featuring officially-licensed games. Each cartridge contains as many as 20 titles based on a certain theme or developer such as games from the Atari Lynx console or games from developers like Data East, Interplay, Namco, and even some modern indie titles.


Pre-orders for the Evercade EXP will open in September 2022 and this console will launch in Winter 2022 at the price of $149.99 / £129.99 / €149.99. You can learn more about the Evercade EXP on its official website, and you can also check out the company's other products and cartridge offerings, too.

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