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Betas haven't exactly had the easiest of times lately, with the Street Fighter V Beta having been pushed back, and the cancellation of the Anno 2205 beta. But now, even the betas themselves may not be able to be played, with the latest issues first reported by One of the nicer features of this console generation, and in particular with the Playstation 4, is the ability to put your system in sleep mode while continuing to download a particularly large game. It has allowed players to be able to play games on day one while not having to keep the machine "on" during the process. However, with the FIFA 16 demo that's been released by EA, this isn't the case. In particular, EA Sports have made players aware of the possibility of corruption when letting the PS4 go into sleep mode while downloading the beta. It is unclear why specifically the sleep mode is affecting the download at this time, but those who want to get some soccer action will have to make sure that the PS4 doesn't enter that mode.

It's in the game...just make sure you're not resting.
It's in the game...just make sure you're not resting.

If you want to be able to be part of the beta, you need to follow these rules:

1. Ensure your Power Save settings (Go to settings -> Power Save Settings -> Set time until PS4 Turns Off > General (Applications)) to Do Not Turn Off. You can put it for a specific amount of time you think the download will complete, but be aware of possible problems there.

2. Don't put the PS4 into rest mode by pressing the PS button on the controller or the power button on the system while the download is going on.

3. If you do encounter the issue, hold the power button until it turns off (Power down) and then turn it back on.

Quick Take

Once again, another situation where either QA didn't get the chance/time to properly test the execution of a game rollout. This is happening more and more lately, and this is something that should have been easily testable by the guys over at EA Sports. Let's hope the problem is fixed sooner rather then later.

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