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Respawn's Jedi Fallen Order Release Date Leaked

April 13, 2019

By: Kyle Johnson


Ahead of the Jedi Fallen Order panel coming later today at Star Wars Celebration, a November 15th, 2019 release date was leaked for Respawn's upcoming game. The leak was posted to Reddit, with the back of the pins posted to Twitter, and further confirmed by a listing on Amazon Italy (since deleted).


The pins posted to Reddit also feature a couple of designs. The first in a set of three shows off the "Purge Trooper," an energy blade-wielding trooper that was designed to combat Force users, following the formation of the Empire. The Purge Trooper previously featured in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, but otherwise hasn't seen much action. The design also looks markedly different from its earlier iteration. The second pin posted shows off a small droid named "BD-1," which appears to be the name of your drone companion as seen in the earlier concept art. The third pin has yet to appear online, to our knowledge.

EA isn't done drumming up excitement for Fallen Order, either. Just this morning, a brief 10-second teaser was posted, showing some sort of device housed inside a metal shell that someone is after.

Jedi Fallen Order was originally announced during E3 last year, as a sort of offhand remark made by the Respawn team. Since then, the project remained largely under wraps, even as EA canceled other Star Wars projects in the works. Indeed, EA's partnership with Lucasfilm and Disney over the Star Wars license is easily described as "troubled." From the lackluster reboot of Star Wars Battlefront to the astoundingly inept bungling of Star Wars Battlefront 2, Star Wars fans have had a bad taste in their mouth for years. Hopefully, Respawn is able to right the ship, and provide a game worthy of EA's exclusivity deal with Disney. Stay tuned for the full reveal of Jedi Fallen Order coming later today.


Are you excited for the reveal of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order information later today? What are you most hoping for?

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