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You often hear of remastered, or special cuts of a game for a new console that has come out, but rarely do you hear of a game going to add backwards consoles to its list. Resogun though has gone and broken the mold there, with versions for the PS3 and Vita coming out for the former PS4 Exclusive according to this post by Sony.

Resogun is a voxel-based side scrolling shoot'em up with brilliant colors made by indie developer Housemarque and was part of the PS4's launch package back in November 2013. It was generally received well, though there were some issues with length that seem to be a concern for the developer as well, given that they have released a DLC and are currently also working on a PS4 expansion for the game.

In almost all aspects the PS3 and Vita versions of Resogun will be the same as the PS4 version. There were a couple of compromises made for the older devices with their lesser power amounts, the primary one being that Resogun on them will be locked at 30 Frames Per Second. Unlike other titles lately which have given various reasons for why they are at 30 FPS despite being on the newest consoles or PC, Sony is straightforward and says it is a hardware power issue here on the PS3 and Vita.

They have also added in some nifty things for the versions and a nice offer for PS 4 owners. The First thing is that all PS4 owners of Resogun will get the PS3 and Vita versions free, available for download on your devices! They have also added in some cross-saving functionality between the PS3 and Vita, meaning you can play at home and take it on the go and then bring it back, without ever losing a beat. Lastly, the PS Vita version has an ad-hoc co-op mode so that you can team up with a friend, and makes use of the touch controls so you can further customize the controls.

Resogun will be released on December 23rd on PS3 and Vita. It is, as previously mentioned, free for PS4 owners. For others, it will be $14.99 but is not currently available for purchase. You can buy the PS4 version at Amazon for $9.99 right now which will get you the PS3 and Vita as well.

What do you think of Resogun coming to PS3/Vita? Do you think this is an indictment of the new console generation or just an indie dev broadening appeal? Do you think how Sony talked about 30 FPS here is just because its the older generation or does it mark the beginning of a change on that discussion front?

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