Resident Evil: Chapter 1 and Code Veronica Fan Remakes Cancelled

Capcom has pulled a Nintendo by DMCA'ing the fan remakes of Resident Evil: Chapter 1 and Code Veronica.

Published: December 27, 2022 10:10 AM /


Resident Evil: Code Veronica Fan Remake header used in the cancellation announcement.

After years of development, fan remakes of Resident Evil: Chapter 1 and Resident Evil: Code Veronica have been canceled. This is due to Capcom pulling a Nintendo and DMCA'ing the fan remakes. Given they own the products used their work, that was within their rights, and it might have gotten more attention due to it accepting support on Patreon. That's more than enough to do it, which is a shame considering the development was apparently 30% complete and a big demo was going to be released in a week or so for the Code Veronica remake, like they did for the Resident Evil Remake remake earlier.

That last one must particularly bite for Resident Evil fans, but all is not lost. Basically, the developers are planning on creating their own game inspired by Code Veronica with their own assets and "without using anything from Capcom." This makes sense, and it might end up with a similar trajectory to Daymare: 1998, which originally started off as a fan-made remake called Resident Evil 2 Reborn.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica demo screenshot shows a character and a bunch of dogs.
Code Veronica was looking pretty good at the time of its cancellation. 

The news was originally announced on the official fan remake Discord, which will eventually see a restructuring due to the DMCA. It will being used for future projects, which makes sense considering they've built up a decent following already. After all, if people are interested in what you're developing outside of the remake, you might as well keep it going. One of those projects is apparently a game inspired by Resident Evil Code Veronica according to one of the fan project's creators.

As for Resident Evil 1, a demo is still available through their Discord and runs at a hefty 6.19 GB filesize, so it might take you a while to download if you're interested. While the news of the fan-remake of RE 1 being cancelled won't hurt fans nearly as much as the Code Veronica cancellation, it might still be worth checking out to see what might've been. 

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