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Survival horror fanatics are champing at the bit for the Resident Evil 2 remaster coming this month. Players are already eagerly exploring every nook and cranny available in the demo released January 11. Using a hex editor and the .exe of the Steam version demo, some players have already uncovered a treasure trove of data. Information was posted Friday to the ResetEra forums by user Noodle. Potential spoilers are ahead, and take any revelations with a grain of salt. Data may be incomplete or left over from earlier builds.

It appears that there are references to multiple scenarios. Variables for the classic Leon A, Leon B, Claire A, and Claire B can be found in game files. In an interview with Rely on Horror, however, producers Yoshiaki Hirabayashi and Tsuyoshi Kanda confirmed that the A/B scenarios from the original would not be in the final release. Other modes named in the data include Ada the Spy, 4th Surviver [sic], and Tofu Serviver [sic]. A "Rogue" mode also makes appearances. This mode includes data on enemy kills, a shop, and result screens. Whether it is similar to the Mercenaries/Raid Modes in previous titles or something else entirely is still unknown, and it could even be merely a way of storing information to send to the new Resident Evil.Net website.

Numerous weapons, including the Sparkshot, Colt S.A.A., and the flamethrower, will return. Variables mention both an infinite-ammo rocket launcher and something called a "sexy gun." Nothing could be found for Claire's iconic bowgun, but that is the opposite of a sexy gun. A "camera select" option was also found, but further details are sparse.

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Familiar characters return, along with some intriguing data. Names include Chris Redfield and Ethan Winters.

Surprisingly enough, Ethan Winters from Resident Evil 7 appears in several pieces of data. It may be a placeholder Capcom used in early builds, or he may make a playable appearance if "Rogue" is, indeed, a Mercenaries-like game mode. Many familiar faces, most already revealed in trailers, return, such as Annette, Marvin, and Brian Irons.

The findings also revealed information on maps and boss encounters. Those familiar with the original game will find little surprise among the data. The new orphanage area announced last month, however, appears to be quite expansive, boasting at least eight map areas.

Resident Evil 2's planned release date is Friday, January 25.

Quick Take

Be honest, if the bowgun isn't in it, would you really be that upset? Compared to Leon's plentiful ammo and staggering array of weaponry, Claire's armory felt a little lackluster in the original game.

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