Replay Added to Overwatch PTR Servers Along With Balance Tweaks

Gaming article by Joseph Allen on Friday, May 24, 2019 - 10:45

A new patch is available on the Overwatch PTR (public test realm) right now. As always, the PTR is only available PC players, although many of its changes will also be coming to consoles after the changes go to the main servers.

First up, the PTR patch adds a replay feature to Overwatch. You'll be able to (over)watch your last ten games from any vantage point. Replays can be slowed or sped up, you can view the action from above, and you can turn off the UI for a better view. To access replays, simply go to the Replay tab under Player Profile. Tutorial and Practice Range matches won't be available to replay. If you want to know more about this feature, click here for Blizzard's breakdown of replays.

The PTR patch also rebalances a few of Overwatch's heroes. Baptiste's Biotic Launcher now carries more heal ammo and his ult lasts 2 extra seconds. D.Va's Defense Matrix has had its length reduced from 15 meters to 10. McCree's weapon recovery time has been reduced, upping his potential damage output. Orisa's Protective Barrier can now be deployed without interrupting reload. Symmetra's Teleporter's interact range has been increased, and Torbjörn's Rivet Gun's secondary fire damage has been reduced. Minor tweaks perhaps, but if these heroes are your main then you'll probably notice.

Finally, there are a couple of game mode updates in this new Overwatch PTR patch. You'll now only be given 3 minutes for capturing Point A on all Assault maps rather than 4. After losing Point A, any defenders that are dead or that die shortly thereafter will have a maximum respawn time of 3.5 seconds. These changes were made to make the Assault maps play quicker as matches were going a bit longer then Blizzard wanted. In addition to these game mode updates, there are a whole host of balance tweaks and bug fixes. Be sure to check out the full Overwatch PTR patch notes for more info.

PC players can grab the new Overwatch PTR patch right now. If you've got feedback to share, you can do so here. Be sure to report any bugs you find during your time with the patch too. We don't know when this patch will go live for non-PTR players, so we'll bring you more as we get it.

Are you ready to save your greatest moments (or biggest humiliations) as Overwatch replays? Let us know in the comments below!

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