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Published: December 22, 2015 1:32 PM /


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Renowned Explorers: International Society, the strategy adventure roguelike, is getting an expansion. There are no details on the pricing or when it might release; however the announcement stream said the developers were aiming for April of next year, though they did not promise anything. We do know that a few things will be added to the game.

The first thing that will be added are two new expeditions. We don't yet know what they will be, but we should expect more information soon. The developers are also looking into some sort of mechanic that will put a lot of focus on the relationships between the crew members. So far that feature is not promised to be a part of the expansion but is something they are interested in implementing.

In the stream the developers also mentioned that their inspiration for the expansion comes in the way Firaxis has handled expansions for its Civilization series. This means they'll be looking to add a big change or two—mechanically or otherwise—to Renowned Explorers with the expansion in addition to the increased content and other changes. 

Included in this announcement were the details of Renowned Explorer's newest patch. In it, the game has a feature where you'll be able to continue on in your adventure after being scored on your first five expeditions. That means you'll be able to keep doing more expeditions, exploring more, researching more, buying items, etc. Although, remember that none of that will affect your renown score.

Also included in the patch was something many fans have been asking for: the ability to undo your movement. In a strategy game where movement and placement are very important, the ability to get your crew members into the correct position is of the utmost importance. Now misclicking won't be the end to your adventure as you'll be able to undo the movement and try again. A couple other notable changes were that the cost of some offensive items were reduced while the effectiveness of them all was improved, and trinkets got cut in price while losing some weird side effects in addition to other balance and bug fixes.

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