Remedy Gives Details on Alan Wake 2 Prototype - (Currently Not in Production)

April 21, 2015 9:32 AM

By: Sam Mcarthur-Mclean


Remedy, the developers behind the upcoming Quantum Break have shared some details about an old Alan Wake 2 prototype. The video has surfaced from an interview with Polygon.

In the interview creative director Sam Lake talked about previous plans for an Alan Wake 2. He said




For Alan Wake, from the get-go, we assumed there was going to be a sequel and we mapped things further out when it came to character, story, details and focus changes. We knew we would have to iterate and refine, but there was always a rough road map there.

It seems though after taking the prototype around possible publishers with no luck, it came back to Microsoft, who published Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

They have been really supportive about Alan Wake and Phil Spencer has been awesomely supportive when it comes to Remedy and Alan Wake along the way ... We showed it to Microsoft and I guess at the time Microsoft was looking for something slightly different for their portfolio.

Microsoft is however publishing Remedy's new game Quantum Break which is to be a game/live action hybrid.


Quite quickly our discussion about Alan Wake 2 turned into something else and that something else turned into Quantum Break, which was great and very exciting

The Alan Wake franchise has sold 4.5 million copies on Xbox 360 and PC so the fact that Remedy had plans for a sequel isn't all too surprising. The prototype that was obtained by Polygon can be seen below.



Alan Wake 2 is currently not in production at Remedy as is focusing on Quantum Break. Even so, it is nice to have a developer be so honest about its past plans of making a sequel. It does not appear that an Alan Wake 2 is out of the question but Remedy is a studio that seems to do its own thing. If it was to happen, it would be a long time yet.


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