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Maximum Games, a major publisher in the United States have decided to take on the development side and tackle some world history in their upcoming title, Alekhine's Gun. The new game takes place during the Cold War era, starring a former KGB agent who must navigate a global conspiracy. Maximum Games explains that Alekhine's Gun is based heavily in stealth and choice-based gameplay, and will cover many world events from World War II to the Cold War, such as the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

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You play Alekhine, formerly an agent for the Soviet Union now acting as a spy for the United States. CEO Christina Steelye emphasized the stealth elements of the game, saying players are rewarded for manuevering through the world undetected. Maximum Games has a highly unique lineup of titles, ranging from sports to action. Alekhine's Gun is the first primarily stealth based game, as well as their first based in true history. Maximum Games is primarily a publisher but has also developed a few of their own titles in the past. Alekhine's Gun is their first game to be globally published and developed by the company.

Alekhine's Gun is scheduled for release November 10th on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

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Quick Take

History games have been done, especially surrounding World War II and the conflicts between Russia and the United States. However, this being Maximum's first take on the genre may be surprising. The emphasis on stealth hopefully means a lean towards true stealth, where breaking your stealth makes things moredifficult. Many stealth games encourage stealth, but players still wind up running face first into combat later in the game when they become more powerful. There is a variety in setting, and players are not apparently limited to one type of environment. Based on the trailer, Alekhine's Gun captures the time period well, but may not be invoking anything original storywise.  I'd likely still play it, but I still yearn for a history game willing to take the challenge of putting players outside of the same three 20th century Western conflicts. 


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