Red Tape Brings Bureaucratic Horror On Valentine's Day

DreadXP has announced the release date for Red Tape, a horrifying tale of filing errors and bureaucracy.

Published: January 11, 2023 10:56 AM /


An elevator with bars in front of it and a sign that reads "ABANDON HOPE ALL YE WHO ENTER" in Red Tape

If there's one thing that's scarier than the threat of eternal damnation, it's improperly filed paperwork. DreadXP clearly agrees, as it's just announced a release date for its new bureaucratic horror adventure Red Tape. The game's headed to Steam on February 14th, assuming it submits all the correct forms, of course.

Coming to us from the publisher behind The Mortuary Assistant and, uh, the Sucker for Love gamesRed Tape is inspired by the classic 14th-century narrative poem The Divine Comedy, written by Dante Alighieri. The poem sees Dante journeying through Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven, assisted by the Roman poet Virgil. Red Tape presents a bureaucratic spin on that narrative, revolving around a fallen angel trying to climb back through layers of Hell's "red tape" to reach Heaven again.

Since this is a bureaucracy simulator, you can look forward to hours of maddening gameplay, running around the offices of Hell Incorporated and trying to get its self-serving denizens to help you with literally anything. DreadXP and developer Pollaris Studios promise the ability to "run, jump, wait in line, and experience all the thrills and thralls of horrific corporate culture first-hand".

Virgil recommending that you talk to the Director in Red Tape, a bureaucratic horror game from DreadXP
I don't imagine the Director will be very helpful, Virgil old pal.

Amusingly, The Divine Comedy's nine circles of Hell are here represented as corporate departments. Here's a list of them to give you a chuckle.

  • Limbo: Reception
  • Lust: Human Resources
  • Gluttony: Cafeteria
  • Greed: Accounting
  • Wrath: Customer Service
  • Heresy: Marketing
  • Fraud: Legal
  • Violence: Planning
  • Treachery: Administration

You'll have to navigate these departments if you're to have a hope of escaping Hell, but of course, there will be plenty of damned souls in line before you waiting for salvation. Do you dare commit the ultimate sin and cut in line? You won't have a choice if you ever want to see Heaven again.

Red Tape comes to PC via Steam on February 14th, with no word on a release for other platforms. You can wishlist it right here if you like. 

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