The Red Lantern, a Dog Sledding Narrative Survival Game, is Coming Soon

Published: October 7, 2020 10:59 AM /


The Red Lantern

The Red Lantern is a dog sledding narrative survival game from Timberline Studio, and will released on the Epic Game Store on PC and the Nintendo Switch for $24.99.

Players must survive with their five sled dogs and make their way home. The Musher is the main character, and it's voiced by Ashly Burch of Horizon: Zero Dawn fame. The game itself combines roguelike elements into a story-driven adventure, so hundreds of different events can occur, and it's up to the player to see how the game turns out. For example, players will have to fend off bears, resist frostbite, and fight of squirrels, who are apparently pretty annoying critters in this game. You can also adopt 4 pups to complete your dog-sledding team, which is pretty cool.

"The Red Lantern is our debut title, and we’re thrilled to finally get to share it with everyone," shares Lindsey Rostal, Co-Founder and CEO of Timberline Studio. "We’ve been spending quite a lot of time with our 9 pups and we hope people fall in love with them as much as we have. We set out to make a narrative game that wasn’t about which ending you got, but about which journey. How will you react to what’s happening around you? What dogs will you adopt? As you progress and gain more resources and items, what stories do you unlock? The Red Lantern is about pursuing the goals you set for yourself, even if they are a little bit wild. Whatever your journey is, we hope you persevere and find your way home."

The Red Lantern comes to Epic Game Store on PC and Nintendo Switch on October 22 for $24.99.

What do you think of this announcement? Are you ready to become a dog sledder? Do you think this is a good game idea? Let us know in the comments!