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Thanks to an ad leak by Gamestop caught by the masked vigilantes at Batman News, we now know the second pre-order bonus for Batman: Arkham Knight. In a first for the series, it seems two different playable characters will be on offer at launch for those who pre-order the game: the previously announced Harley Quinn and Red Hood (aka Jason Todd, aka the second Robin). Not only do we know that they'll both likely be playable in the game's challenge mode, but we also know that each will have story content (which contradicts earlier press material that merely suggested Harley would have four challenge maps along with being playable as an alternate character in the challenge mode). Even better, we get to see  each of them, and they appear to both be in-game renders.

Note that Red Hood has part of the Arkham Knight symbol showing beneath his bat crest.

Here are some other tidbits that can be divulged from what we know, in addition to an earlier leak of the Walmart pre-order that included a custom Batmobile skin.

1. Guns may very well be useable for the first time in the series, unless you count Invisible Predator Online in Arkham Origins. Not only would it be fitting for Harley to show off some weapons we saw her use in Injustice: Gods Among Us, but the key part of Red Hood is that he is the one member of the Batfamily that uses firearms.

2. Since Red Hood features an Arkham Knight logo on his chest, it's within very good reason to suspect he may either be part of or infiltrating the ranks of the Arkham Knight. It is also possible he may be working with the Knight directly, possibly unknown to Batman. Many suspected Jason Todd would be the Knight, so if Red Hood is a side character, he'll likely be there to wrap up the League of Assassins storyline started in Arkham City.

3. If past titles in the series are any indication, we should expect at least one more challenge mode character, if not more. Many fans have been requesting Batgirl, and other possible candidates Rocksteady could pick include Batwoman, Scarecrow, and perhaps even the Arkham Knight himself.

4. Rocksteady is expecting you to go into cryostasis, as these codes will be redeemable until 2024. If you don't redeem by then, you can't say you weren't warned.

5. There may be story missions for every DLC character. While they may only have story content for Harley and Red Hood, considering this is the final entry in the series, it wouldn't hurt to include bonus missions for other characters.

6. Walmart is the only known place with a Batmobile skin, but considering that skin has stat bonuses, it's likely we'll see it return with more vehicle skins post-launch.

7. Rocksteady's got a clear post-launch plan. Warner Bros. may be wary of offering us a season pass after the harsh reception of Arkham Origins and fan reception to the ambiguity of the Origins pass, but that doesn't mean they've not been busy little bees.

GameStop has also all but confirmed it thanks to this tweet. How do you feel about getting the chance to play as Red Hood? Are there any other characters you'd like to see Rocksteady include in the final game as bonus characters? Is holding back Red Hood's DLC as a GameStop bonus a bad thing? Let us know in the comments below!

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