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Have you been looking for an action platformer coming in the next year? If so, Red Goddess may be for you!

In Red Goddess, you play as Divine, a young goddess who’s been attacked somehow and is losing her memories and powers to a degree that may threaten her. Fighting this, she goes into her own subconscious to find out what’s wrong and that is where the game takes place.

The mind of a goddess can clearly be in this game full of contradictions, power and worlds. Here, dark thoughts are her enemy and whatever is causing it, makes it difficult for her to move on as her own subconscious makes it difficult to move forward.

In addition to your main Divine mode, the game features the choice of two personas she has – Anger and Fear. She can only be in one of them at a time and has to constantly watch not to set off the hostile alarms in her mind. The other form is in a ball, contained for the moment but she can throw it as an attack or use it to help open up new areas.

Red Goddess Fear
The Red goddess using Fear form

In Anger, Divine is more powerful, using fiery attacks of doom that are able to quickly defeat her foes. Great speed and fire spells power Anger up from Divine’s base special punches and jumps. However, Anger is loud, bright and tends easily bother the alarm and set it off causing more monsters to appear, Fear to awaken from its ball and attack, new traps to appear and more. In Fear, Divine gains some Ice powers and more subtle things. Fear lets her turn invisible, take control of enemies, and uses them to help enter new areas.

As the game goes on you unlock new powers and skills as you explore. These are hidden in memory gems that are also used to unlock new zones at times and represent Divine gaining back some control of her sense of self. These powers include things like super punches, double jumps, flying and even slow motion as Divine regains control over her subconscious mind.

Red goddess Jump
Divine Platforming

The enemy you face at the heart is a mysterious one – an enigmatic character who both helps and thwarts you. The Narrator will lead you through the game but why exactly he’s hidden some of the memories and why he opposes bits are mysteries that can only be found out through Divine regaining her powers. Did Divine commit some horrible act that even now she shies away from realizing or accepting?

Red Goddess will be released in February on PC/Mac/Linux and will make its way also to PS4, Vita, and WiiU. It has already been greenlit on steam.

You can see a trailer of the game below:

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