Red Dead Online Update Coming February 26 With Bounties and More

Published: February 12, 2019 4:09 PM /


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Today, Rockstar Games announced a Red Dead Online update will be coming to the Red Dead Online Beta February 26 fixing things and adding some new features.

The improvements and enhancements include a general focus on the game's open world, with a new Law and Bounty system, mini-map changes, weapons balancing, and more.


For players, visibility over long distances on the mini-map will be changed. The map position of players won't display unless they are within 150 meters of each other, and if players are slightly further away they will be seen on the mini-map if they fire their weapon. If players are in different towns or regions they won't be visible. This change is so that players aren't targeted over long distances.

However, if players have a high bounty on their head, NPC Bounty Hunters will now attempt to kill them and collect their reward. Bounty values and honor consequences will scale depending on how severe the crime that the player has committed. If a player kills another player, that could lead to a higher bounty. If you beat up townsfolk or kick a cat, you would have a lesser bounty if the crime was reported. Looting and ransacking will decrease a player's honor, and not lead to a bounty.

Players will be able to complete daily challenges in order to earn Gold Nuggets and XP. These challenges cover "every aspect of life on the frontier," and will range from winning Feuds, selling items at a Fence, hunting down animals and skinning them, and finding and foraging for herbs.

Weapons will also be balanced, such as the Varmint rifle, which will be brought more into line with other similar weapons. Voice chat will be reduced in proximity, and for horse cargo Rockstar plans on making pelts and carcasses more persistently found after respawning or after death.

For XP, players will be able to rank up leading up to February 26, as playing in a Posse will earn benefits for the player. These benefits can range from earning twice as much on Free Roam Missions or Free Roam Events this week, or earning 20% more across all activities next week.

What do you think of the planned Red Dead Online update? Have you completed the campaign? Let us know in the comments!



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