Red Dead Online Leaked In Domain Name Registration

Published: October 18, 2016 8:11 AM /



The recent tease campaign by Rockstar Games for the now almost assured sequel to Red Dead Redemption has taken another turn today, as a search of WHOIS has revealed that a domain named REDDEAD.ONLINE has been registered by Take Two Interactive. This carries an identical naming format to the domain used for GTA V's online component and has lead many to speculate that this indicates we are seeing the domain name for the upcoming Red Dead game's online multiplayer mode. Additionally, they appear to have registered, which will redirect you to this page on developer Rockstar's official site as VG247 discovered.

The news came to light after this tweet from @Billwright in the early hours of the morning:



If you've been completely disconnected from the internet and all other major news outlets for the past few days, you might have missed the news that Rockstar have been teasing fans with Red Dead related logos via twitter. It started with this simple logo on Sunday: Rockstar then followed this up with a more definitive image on Monday:


The images took twitter by storm, each tweet has had more than 100 thousand retweets, and even the share price of parent company Take-Two Interactive has benefited. Eurogamer has reported that shares in the company have seen an enormous 5.5% rise in value since the images dropped.

No further details have yet been forthcoming from either Rockstar or Take-Two Interactive so we cannot officially confirm that this is the Red Dead Redemption sequel or prequel we've all been waiting for. You may remember that when it was rumored back in April that a map for the next Red Dead game had leaked, the sources responsible also suggested the game would be set before Red Dead Redemption. It also remains to be seen whether 'Red Dead Online' will indeed follow the same multiplayer strategy as we have seen in GTA online but, with what is clearly a pre-planned marketing strategy gathering steam, we're sure to see more developments in the coming days. We're keeping our Raptor claws at our keyboards and hunting more information down in packs, so make sure to check back for all the news as it becomes available.


Well, well, what do we think of that then? Is this a sequel to Red Dead Redemption? A prequel? A completely unrelated stand-alone online mode? A mobile only MMO set in the Red Dead universe? (Maybe not that last one) Give us your take in the comments below.



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