Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuits Arrive September 10

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red dead online roles update red dead online frontier pursuits

The Red Dead Online Roles Update is going to be arriving on September 10, 2019. Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuits are new features that are going to introduce specialization to the game, and players will soon have new ways to turn a profit in the frontier.

If you haven't yet played Red Dead Online, it's... well, it's pretty much the Wild West equivalent of Grand Theft Auto Online. Players are dropped into the world with the freedom to run all sorts of missions, hunt wild animals, and (of course) battle it out with players. That feature set is going to be improved with the addition of the Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuits.

Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuits

As detailed in the Rockstar Newswire post, Frontier Pursuits are essentially sub-classes for the player to play. Each of the three Roles can earn Role XP which in turn unlocks Role Tokens that can be used to unlock new skills.

There are three Roles so far: Trader, Bounty Hunter, and Collector. Traders can set up their camp to sell items, collect goods from around the game world, and manufacture salable goods. Bounty Hunters track down NPC criminals, eventually opening up the opportunity to track down criminal players. Finally, the Collector is sort of like a Wild West Indiana Jones, tracking down valuable artifacts and gaining neat benefits like a greatly increased carry size.

Red Dead Online Roles Update

The three Frontier Pursuits are the first of what is going to be a new way to play the game. There's more than just the Roles System coming to the game, mind — improved player controls, the ability to customize your character without resetting your progress, and other new features are also going to be making their way into the game via this patch.

The Red Dead Online Roles Update with the new Frontier Pursuits will be coming sooner rather than later; it's expected to launch on all platforms on September 10, 2019. You can check out the Rockstar Newswire post for all the fine details.

What do you think of the Red Dead Online Roles Update? Which of the Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuits will you be taking on? Let us know in the comments below!

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