"Red Bull Air Race - The Game" to be made by Slightly Mad Studios

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Red Bull has been pushing really hard to get into gaming recently. Not only are they getting exclusive deals with Destiny, but now they're releasing their own video game.

Instead of going the Sneak-King route (making a terrible game that is sold with whoppers for $5), Red Bull decided to have a game made about the "Red Bull Air Race". As the name suggests, the Air Race is a time trial based race where pilots fly through a course that is set by pylons. Each pilot fly's one at a time and are timed as they pass through the pylons and are judged on their form. Judges can add on penalty seconds for flying at the wrong altitude, not leaving a trail of smoke behind them or not passing through the pylons at the correct angle. The planes that they fly are light-weight single propeller racing planes that are built for both speed and strength, as they can withstand up to 10Gs of pressure.

According to the publishers, Wing Racers Sports Games LLC, Red Bull Air Race - The Game will be using actual locations, racers and planes in order to give the player the most authentic experience possible. The team developing the game will be Slightly Mad Studios, the company behind Project CARS and Need for Speed: ShiftProject Cars was a racing simulator that was generally well received, with criticism for its graphical quality. Exactly how close to a simulator the game will be has not been specified yet, but the trailer and Red Bull's emphasis on authenticity seems to indicate that Slightly Mad Studios will be trying to make the game closer to a simulator than an arcade style racing game. Red Bull in the past released a Red Bull Air Race - The Game on mobile devices, however it is improbable that this version is going to be a direct port of the mobile version.

Red Bull Air Race - The Game is scheduled to be released in 2016 and will be exclusive to PC.

Quick Take

It is rare to find flying games outside of flight simulators that aren't some sort of dogfighting game. I feel like making the Red Bull Air Race into a game will run into problems because of how specific the race actually is. The Red Bull Air Race is based around being precise down to the angles of your wings when you pass a pylon, which could lead to repetitive game play. Car racing games more to work with because of all of the racing styles out there for cars. Red Bull Air Race - The Game runs the risk of hamstringing itself by not being broad enough to allow plenty of unique content. All of this speculation is also assuming this isn't just a PC port of the mobile game.

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