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Hold on one moment while I lose my mind over what I just witnessed. Ubisoft once again gave us one hell of a press conference. Of course there was Assassins Creed as well as many other titles.

So with that said lets start from the beginning...

Far Cry 4


This preview started of with the main character of the game on a bus in the Himalayans.Then the bus gets shot upon by the soldiers. After the bus crashes we get a closer look at the main villain of the game the man in the purple suit. During the preview we also learn that we play as a young man who by the looks of him he looks somewhere in his 20s. The villain clearly is supposed to be as remeberal as Vas was in Far Cry 3

The game is due out November 18..


Dance Central 2015/Dance Central Now

Ya we all knew that this was coming from Ubisoft. Dance Central is one of Ubisofts top franchises and is the top dance franchise on the planet.

Ubisoft also unveiled Dance Central Now. With Dance Central Now it is an app on your smart phone where you can dance anytime and anyplace. No controller necessary  its just you and your phone and some friends.


Ubisoft takes another turn and brings Tom Clancy out on stage...

The Division

The Division

The demo took place in an abandoned New York City. This demo was different from the one they showed at the Microsoft Conference. They started off with a brief cinematic to show what happened when the virus was Unleashed. It showed in quick time just what happened to both new york and its people. The Cinematic Showed us also that the resistance has to stand together to survive.

The game is set for a 2015 launch...


The Crew


Last year Ubisoft unveiled the open world driving game The Crew. The promise was to be able to drive from the east coast to the west coast without stopping at all. In the brief clip shown it was clear that this was still Ubisofts goal. During the press Conference the director of The Crew came out and spoke about how this game is going to be the player's game.

The Crew comes  to Xbox One, PS4 and PC November 11..

Assassins Creed Unity


This Section kicked off with a cinematic trailer showing off the time period that Assassins Creed Unity will take place in which is of course The French Revolution. The cinematic appears to have taken place during one the revolutions top events in the storming of the Bastille. We learn that the assassins name is Arnor and that you will look through his eyes during the game.Then it goes to a demo of open world paris. In the beginning of the demo it is clear that they have improved the Par core from past AC games. Then they  also showed that Arnor fights differently than Conner and Edward. One of the new features appears to be that you can now crouch however it is unknown if it only happens during certain points or if you can control when you do it. Through the demo they showed the beautiful graphics for the game.

The game is due out this fall...

Shape Up

This new Xbox One exclusive is a new take on the exercise game. The game uses the kinect to put your body in the game and that's just what the director did as he did a step game as Eye of the Tiger played in the background. Then Ubisoft brought out the inner competition in its company it pitted USA vs France in an exercise battle. In the end the man representing the USA won.


Valiant Hearts


On the year of the 100th anniversary of WW1 Ubisoft decide to make a game that looks similar to Rayman Legends. The game takes place during WWI and you play as a sergeant during the War. In the trailer it shows that this game is going to be an emotional ride with the dog in the trailer remembering his owner.

After the trailer for Valiant Hearts the man in charge of Ubisoft himself Yves Guillemot came out and said thank you to everyone , but there was one more game left for Ubisoft to show....

The demo for this game showed that you play as a swat team member and you are in charge of rescuing a hostage. The game  was 5 v 5 multiplayer with the team that appeared to be the swat team were in constant communication. The objective was to rescue the hostage and get her to safety. The game also had very dark graphics with not much color really at all in the demo. Then it turned out that the game was of course none other than..

Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Siege

Thus ended the Ubisoft conference, For all you video game and tech news stick to TechRaptor

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