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Just like last year the Nintendo Digital Event for this year starts with a skit and where last year it was robot chicken this year it is muppets. We get to see Mr Iwata, Reggie and Mr Miyamoto in the puppet bodies getting ready to host the direct. Suddenly from nowhere all of the muppets start turning into cast from Star Fox before showing off a trailer for the new Star Fox game, Star Fox Zero. Showing improved graphics and what seems to be Corneria, they bring up a gamepad to show us some of the new aiming features.

star fox

From there Miyamoto explains the inspiration behind Star Fox through elements of Thunderbirds as well as the gate you fly through look like the arches. He continues to talk about his time growing up drawing caricatures of animals and with the fox image from the shrine it was decided that the character for their game would be a fox.

In this game the point of the WiiU gamepad pro gives you a first person view so that you can interact with the game world in the TV while aiming on the gamepad. Arwing transformation allows you to navigate between the sky and land, this walking mode was meant to be in StarFox 2 before it was cancelled. There will be a range of different vehicles.

After Star Fox, Reggie Fils-Amie is back in all his glory, no puppetry this time. He talks about the expansion of Nintendo through theme parks and mobile games, and then teases that we will only hear news about NX next year.

skylanders donkey kong

It wouldn't be a Nintendo Digital Event if Amiibo weren't brought up, in this one of the members of the Skylander team arrives to show us two new Amiibo for Turbo Charge Donkey Kong and Hammer Slam Bowser that are going to be going into the Skylanders game. Not only will these characters be able to interact in Skylanders but that by turning the base you can turn them into Amiibo.

An impromptu dance party then begins as the muppets are back.

legend of zelda tri force heroes

The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes is showed off as a new mix between link between worlds style Zelda gameplay and four swords adventures. This game brings new abilities and even the ability to change costumes that can grand different  perks. Unlike four swords this looks to be a three player game only.

We then get a conversation with the developer where they explain they are removing competitive aspects of prior zelda games, the use of the link between worlds style gameplay and the new totem gameplay mechanic. If you are playing on your own though don't worry as you can swap between all three. New clothes are an integral part of this new game.

hyrule warriors legends

Hyrule Warriors for 3DS is also spoken about, bring up information such as the inclusion of all DLC from the previous game as well as new levels and characters from Wind Waker. This game has a new name Hyroule Warriors legends.

After what we saw at the Nintendo Championship it would be strange not to see Blast Ball but we now know that Blast Ball is just one two Metroid Prime games Blast Ball and Fedaration Force.

After that the conference quickly moves onto a new Fire Emblem game called Fire Emblem Fates for the 3DS. This is the english name for Fire Emblem IF that will be released in 2016.

Continuing with another of their fan favorite franchises we get treated to a trailer for Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei by Atlus. This trailer shows off not only the colorful cast of characters and their voice actors but also some of the gameplay for the game showing plenty of social interaction situations. This game will release in 2016.


Our next trailer puts us in space on the midst of an epic battle before bringing us down to the earth for some glorious cinematic and gameplays shots form the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X for WiiU. Not too much extra is shown apart from revealing that the game will be out on the 4th of December.

To bring things to a bit of a lighter note now we get to see some gameplay from the new Animal Crossing game called Happy Home Designer. In this game it is the purpose of your character not to pay off your house but instead build houses for all of your friends so that they can have a space custom tailored to themselves. We also get to see the new Amiibo cards for this game briefly.

amiibo festival

Amiibo Festival will also be coming to WiiU that is build as a party game specifically for Amiibo. This will be released during Holiday 2015. This game comes with four amiibo based on some of the bigger characters from Animal Crossing including Isabelle and Tom Nook.

Yoshi's Wooly World is up next in the rotation as we get to see plenty of the new plush Yoshi amiibo. We get to hear of the inspiration behind the plush amiibo. Some of the different wool forms for Yoshi are pointed out such as propeller or hammer when performing various activities. Amiibo costumes are also highlighted in case you want to try some different styles on your Yoshi. This game will release October 16th.

yokai watch

Level 5 now shows us their new monster collection game, Yokai Watch, that uses the Japanese love of gashapon machines as a resource to collect and then battle plenty of new monsters with one another.

mario and luigi paper jamm

The latest game in the mario and luigi franchise is announced where mario meets paper mario. Paper luigi seems to be nowhere in sight though. This game is called Mario and Luigi Paper Jam and will be released next year.

Mario is back in the sport arena as a new Mario Tennis game is shown off, it will be released Holiday 2015 and will be called Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash.

super mario maker

For some more behind the screens we get to learn a bit about the reason behind Super Mario Maker. In the past when creating a new game the levels would be hand drawn onto a piece of paper which would then go to the programmers to be put into the game. If they ever needed to edit in the past they would have to layer over tracing paper. Amiibo will also get support in this game as Mystery mushrooms will allow you to transform into different other characters. An 8bit Mario amiibo will also be releasing to accompany the game. Miyamoto then goes over the thought of world 1-1 in his games to teach players how the game works through trial and error. Super Mario Maker will release on the 11th of September 2015.

With that the Nintendo Direct is over and Reggie wishes that we have enjoyed everything that has been shared today and talks about how Mario is more of a mascot to Nintendo as Mario players are all over the world. We are then played out by a mix of plenty of people singing and laying various well known songs from the Mario franchise. Reggie then asks people to head on over to to submit a Mario themed video and that for each submission Nintendo will donate to Operation Smile.

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