Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Update Adds New Ship and Weapons

Published: November 22, 2019 12:00 PM /


Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Mattock pretty

One of the biggest criticisms of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw was the lack of ships at launch. That's just changed with the addition of the Mattock in Patch 1.18, an update that also brings a few new changes to the game.

Patch 1.18 adds a few new interesting things to the game. The first and foremost is the addition of the Mattock ship (which we'll detail below). Flying in space is tricky business, and that's why the devs have also added a delightful new Flight Training module that's available from the main menu.

Three new weapons have also been added to the game, but there's a catch: they only drop from Pirate Lords. Pirate Lords will now drop weapons, and their loot tables now include the following new pieces of kit:

  • CPC Laser
  • Gatling
  • Flak Cannon

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Mattock stats

The Stats of the Mattock

The Mattock is a medium-sized cargo ship that's much tougher than it first looks. It also incorporates a variable geometry wing which flips over every time you launch, which is pretty darn cool.

  • Class: Medium Cargo
  • Speed: 350 MPS
  • Maneuverability: 80 DPS
  • Hull: Heavy
  • Weapon Hardpoints: 4
  • Missile Hardpoints: 2
  • Component Slots: 2
  • Hold Size: 15
  • Turrets: 0
  • Max Shield Rank: 4
  • Max Powerplant Rank: 4
  • Max Cargo Rank: 3

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Version 1.18 Patch Notes

Here are the full patch notes for Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Version 1.18;


  • The Mattock is now available at Bountiful Vista and Jesse’s Den.


  • New Flight Training module available from main menu
  • Pirate Lords now drop weapons on destruction


  • Three new weapons: CPC Laser, Gatling & Flak Cannon.  These weapons are only available from Pirate Lords…happy hunting!


  • Sometimes could break warp on following vs leading ships, resulting in a confusing breakout
  • Paint projector hides properly when exiting paint mode so that it doesn’t appear in certain scenes


  • New utility laser artwork
  • New turret artwork for turret variants
  • Some ITTS reticle updates for clarity


  •  Even more optimization work spilling over from console versions
  • Various additional textures/meshes optimized


  • Durgan slightly whacked with a nerf bat.


  • Veteran & Old School modes show up in menacing red text. Scary!
  • After chiding several factions about safety while flying, pilot models sits in the correct chair in exterior views of Beluga.

Overall, this is a tiny update to Rebel Galaxy Outlaw that nonetheless adds a cool new ship for players to tinker with. If you've been looking for something beefy that still has a bit of a maneuverability the Mattock might just be the right ship for you.

If you haven't yet picked up Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, you can get it on the Epic Games Store at the price of $29.99 or your regional equivalent. It's a great space combat game, so give it a look! Don't forget that you can also get Bad North free on the Epic Games Store right now!

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What do you think of the addition of the Mattock in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw? What else would you like to see added to the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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