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Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Releases New Development Roadmap

September 13, 2019

By: Samuel Guglielmo


Been playing much Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, the space fighting simulator? Want some more stuff to play? Well, good news. Developer Double Damage has announced a development roadmap to show what's coming next.

First, they start with what's already finished, which is the game itself. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw launched on PC on August 13th, and if you'd like to know our thoughts on it you can read our review here. Double Damage says it has one more major patch planned for the game, which will be releasing in September. After that, they move on to their next big task: console ports. The plan is to port the game to both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch down the line. On the game's FAQ, the developers note that, while they'd like to make an Xbox One version, at the very least it'll be waiting until the other two consoles are finished.


If you're not super interested in console ports, do know that there's also free content on the way. Double Damage hasn't confirmed what exactly it's doing yet, outside of more ships, but they're working on it for PC first with console versions to follow. They note they'll have more to announce about it soon. Also on the way for PC versions? Modkits. Double Damage says that when the console ports are done they'll double back and make the modkit for PC players. The time frame for it is early 2020. Finally, Double Damage did note that they have plans for more free and paid DLC, but didn't have much to share about it. However, the Steam version is still on track to release on August 13th, 2020, once the one-year exclusivity with Epic ends.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is currently available on PC, with a PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch version on the way.


Were you waiting for a console version of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw to pick the game up? How about a Steam version? Will mod support help? Let us know in the comments below!

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